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Rhoba Financial Services Limited was established in 1999 with a vision not to be a market leader in our field but be a leader for our clients in providing personal financial services. We strive to provide exceptional private banking service even though we are not a private bank. We are not associated with a Bank or a Fund House or Service / Product Provider. We are an Independent Financial Advisor offering unbiased advice to our clients to find the most suitable services and products for our clients. Rhoba's objective is to provide the highest standard of professional financial advice and long term financial management to local and expatriate, individual and corporate clients. We care about our clients more than our business therefore your financial needs are our priority. We always provide comprehensive range of financial services tailored to the need of our clients in order to meet their financial objectives with risk diversification in mind. All our financial advisors are fully qualify and licensed to provide a professional service to our clients. All clients information will be strictly private and confidential.  

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Our commitment is to provide quality financial advice along with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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Our standard is to provide exceptional services to our clients and business partners. As we know that providing a suitable service is the only way to keep our clients, Rhoba now expands its business group outside of Hong Kong into the rest of Asia-Pacific region. We are working on getting in the international track in our long term business plans.

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